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CPRSS Chamber Choir Signs With Foreigner

CPRSS Chamber Choir on stage with Foreigner

The Crocus Plains Chamber Choir appeared on stage with Foreigner at Westoba Place on Tuesday, May 14, 2024, after flawlessly mastering the classic rock ballad “I Want To Know What Love Is” and securing your votes to win a contest promoted by Brandon’s Bounce Radio 96.1 FM.


Getting the opportunity to perform with Foreigner was an amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity. It was great to see my students in Chamber Choir getting to take part in this event. Their excitement was palpable!

This whole experience has shown us what a great community we are apart of at Crocus Plains, within the School Division, and Brandon itself. We found out about the competition about a month ago when Bounce 96.1 put it out to let music teachers know; I had so many messages from our community letting us know, and already cheering us on. We were all excited by the prospect and made the video, then once it went live with the voting we were again greeted with an outpouring of support. 

When we found out we won it seemed surreal for lots of the students. For some, this would be their first concert and it was hard to imagine what it was going to be like. We worked out all the details with Foreigner’s tour manager of exactly what and when we would sing. It was such a professional operation, and they work with choirs everywhere they go, as they have been running this competition for years to bring funding and awareness to the importance of our music programs. We arrived early at the Keystone Centre for a walk through of the stage set up and then went and enjoyed the concert before getting to perform live with Foreigner during the second last song of the concert. 

It was a fantastic experience! Thank you so much to all those who supported us, voted for us, and cheered us on at the concert!

Clint McLachlan, CP Sings! Choral Music Program, Drama, Musical Theatre


Watch the whole performance below!  
(Video courtesy of Mike Glutek)

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