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Community Use of Schools

The Board of Trustees believes that its buildings and grounds should be used for the benefit of children and adults in the Division. The Board realizes that there are mutual community interests in helping people of all ages to learn, develop and participate in recreation, culture and leisure activities. Every effort will be made to undertake joint and cooperative ventures to serve the Community’s needs for recreation, culture and leisure activities in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

To book a facility, please contact:
City of Brandon - Booking & Rentals
Phone:  204-729-2150

Important Information About Community Use of Schools:  Before booking, the following items must be outlined on a Certificate of Insurance: 

  • Type of Insurance - Commercial General Liability
  • Limit(s) of Liability - $2,000,000.00
  • Brandon School Division is to be named on the Certificate
  • Insurance Provider (your choice)



The Public Schools Amendment Act (Community Use of Schools)
(vi) the insurance, if any, that must be held by users, and the circumstances in which users are expected to indemnify the school division or school district for any loss or damage that may occur as a result of the use,

MB School Boards Association 
Proper risk management dictates that all users of school facilities that are not affiliated with the school division must provide evidence of liability insurance at a minimum amount of $2,000,000 per occurrence.

Community Use of Schools and School use of Community Facilities Handbook
This handbook has been created as a resource for the review, development, and implementation of facility-use policies, procedures, and agreements for community use of schools and school use of community facilities by schools, school divisions, municipalities , and recreation commissions

BSD & City of Brandon Joint Use Agreement (Amended: July 2015)

BSD Administrative Procedure 7025 Joint Use of Community Facilities

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