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Brandon School Division supports our vision of educational excellence by offering our students a wide variety of programs and services suited to individual learning needs and strengths. A few of these programs include:  

Advanced Placement Program (“AP”)

The AP Program provides motivated high school students with the opportunity to take university-level courses in a high school setting. Participants not only gain university-level skills, but in many cases they also earn university credit while still in high school.

Career Education / Work Placements

Brandon School Division students and staff continue to enjoy a wealth of support for our community work placements. On an annual basis, more than 175 local businesses and organizations host students for their work placements.  Work Placement is one of several delivery mechanisms that may be used to achieve the teaching/learning goals, objectives, and/or outcomes stated in department-developed, registered or approved curricula/courses.

Indigenous Education

Indigenous Education initiatives in the Brandon School Division are designed to provide assistance to Instructional and Support staff as they integrate Indigenous perspectives into their daily teaching activities.

Indigenous Language courses are offered in Grades 9-12 in Cree, Michif, and Anishinaabemowin/ Ojibwe. Traditional teachings, history, culture, and spirituality are essential components of each course, and are a primary basis for students to develop fluency in their language. Classes include a variety of interactive activities, both in-class and off-site, which focus on developing skills in reading, speaking, and writing. Students play an active role in these activities.

Prairie Hope High School (formerly known as Neelin High School Off-Campus)

Prairie Hope High School is an initiative of the Brandon School Division that opened its doors to the public in September 2007.  The school offers students who have been out of school the opportunity to complete their education in a more flexible setting. It is our intention to meet the needs of students who may not function well within the traditional high school setting. Course requirements here are the same as they are at other Manitoba high schools.

Vocational Programming

Brandon School Division offers the following vocational option courses at Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School:

Advertising Art
Automotive Technology
Collision Repair
Culinary Arts
Design Drafting
Early Childhood Education
Electronic Sciences & Technology
Graphic Design

Youth Revolution Program (“YR”)

YR is a student led, health and wellness leadership program in the Brandon School Division. Students from Grades 5-12 design activities and events that: 

  • promote healthy lifestyle choices;
  • reduce risk related behaviour; and
  • reduce bullying, discrimination, and social injustice.

 YR implements programs for children, youth, parents and guardians, in order to create a culture of volunteerism and community involvement.

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