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HSAP for Employers

The High School Apprenticeship Program (HSAP) is an on-the-job, paid, work-experience credit for high school students. The purpose of HSAP is to provide students the opportunity to explore one (or more) of Manitoba’s 55+ recognized trades, and get a head start on apprenticeship training. 

HSAP entails a partnership between a student employee, a business, the school, and Apprenticeship Manitoba. Your participation provides you an opportunity to advance your business while supporting the next generation of skilled tradespersons. Financial incentives afford you the opportunity to see if potential employees are good fits for your company.

An estimated one-third of Canada's workforce will retire by 2030. This means employers must attract and retain good workers.

High School Apprentices are not assigned to businesses by the School Division. Employers interview candidates and hire as they choose. There is no obligation to retain student-apprentices or provide hours to complete credits.  This lets you develop employees aligned with your organization's processes, culture, and values from the very beginning. They learn your business first. That means they learn the way you do things and the unique, specialized skills that best serve your business. This approach has far-reaching benefits for your business. Students may choose to stay with your organization and build stronger relationships with your customers. 

Resources for Employers:

For more information about HSAP contact: 

Brent Richards, BSD High School Apprenticeship Coordinator
Phone 204-729-3154 | Email:

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