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New Central School

In 1891, voters encouraged the construction of a fourteen to sixteen room school. The school, which was given the name New Central School was to be located between 5th and 6th street, facing Lorne Avenue. Apparently no one realized the time factor associated with building a large school and the construction became very rushed. One problem encountered was a bad heating system and water pipes that were 6 feet under instead of 9, leading to frozen pipes during the cold winters. Even with these occurrences, the school was said to be very well built and its size helped support the student population. The bad heating system was upgraded and fixed shortly after the building was finished. In 1970, the school board decided to transfer its elementary students from New Central school to Brandon Collegiate Institute in order to make preparation to tear down the school. New Central School's fate was in the hands of the wrecking ball in 1971.



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