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Budget and Finance

On Monday, March 11, 2024, the Board of Trustees met to review and finalize the 2024-2025 School Year Budget.  The final 2024-2025 School Year Budget and the 2024 Special Levy was approved as follows: 


The 2024-2025 Operating Budget results in a 6.61% increase in the Special Requirement, a 4.05% change in the Special Levy, and a 2.92% increase in the mill rate for 2024 or a net annual increase of $25.36 on an average single-family home valued at $281,000 that is a homeowner’s principal residence. 


The 2024-2025 Operating Budget is as follows: 


The 2024-2025 School Year Budget includes the following:

  • Expected enrollment growth:
    • Brandon School Division is a growing division and enrollment continues to increase at a greater rate post-pandemic. In 2023-2024, the Division experienced an increase of 326 (3.5%) students.  
    • For the 2024-2025 school year, we are projecting 9,804 students, an increase of 112 (1.2%) students. 
  • A net Increase of 23.38 FTE teaching positions, which includes the following:
    • An increase of 25.98 FTE Teachers for enrollment growth
    • A decrease of (2.60) FTE non-ratio teaching positions due to grants and other funding
    • Reallocation of (1.00) FTE Research & Evaluation Analyst position to support staff
    • Reclassification of early years teaching positions from non-ratio (5.99) FTE to ratio 5.99 FTE
    • An addition of 1.00 FTE Reading Recovery Teacher 
  • A net Increase of 11.48 FTE support staff, which includes the following: 
    • An increase of 4.46 FTE Educational Assistants due to enrollment growth
    • A decrease of (0.82) FTE non-ratio Educational Assistants due to grants/funding 
    • An increase of 1.09 FTE Lunchroom Education Assistants due to enrollment growth
    • An increase of 0.50 FTE Custodial Assistant positions due to enrollment growth 
    • Reallocation of 1.0 FTE Research & Evaluation Analyst position from teaching staff
    • The Board will stop using contractors for janitorial services at Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School and will add additional support staff to clean the school through the following changes:
      • Addition of 5.25 FTE Custodial Assistant positions
      • Elimination of (1.00) FTE Maintenance Worker III position
      • Addition of 1.00 FTE Supervisor of Custodial
      • Fund the cost of equipment ($62,800) through accumulated surplus
  • Changed a Labourer position into a Plumber position 
  • Addition of a truck to the maintenance fleet and future replacement of 2 maintenance vehicles per year
  • Allocation of $81,400 towards addressing accessibility at Division schools and buildings
  • Allocation of $100,000 towards maintenance and adaptations of aging facilities
  • Additional allocation of $206,400 towards the replacement of school paging systems to address risk response and accessibility
  • The addition of $90,000 to meet workplace safety and health (WSH) requirements in the areas of training, WSH committee meetings and the replacement/installation of eye wash stations 
  • Increased funding provided to the Brandon Schools Instrumental Music Association (BSIMA) from $60 to $75 per student for band registration
  • The budget provides a 4% inflationary increase to the school instructional supply budgets, capital & maintenance budget and other controllable supplies and services.
  • Replacement of school buses will be funded through the school bus capital reserve.

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